[FULL TRANS] Singles Magazine – July 2014 Issue – Park Yuchun’s Interview


 photo 61897-001.jpg

{T/N: Although the July issue has been out for some time. I’ve decided to translate this. The translation has taken up a lot of my time and effort, but I know many JYJ fans out there would want to know and understand the present Yuchun more. I really enjoy reading this interview, and I hope you enjoy it too!}

The Man Who Turns Into Light, Park Yuchun
Park Yuchun threw himself on top of the rustling white bedsheets while scratching his foot. “I was bitten by 10 mosquitoes last night”. The faces of those staff gathered from 6am at the hotel room, trying to get away from the Macao heat which can make you lose your reasoning, began to soften (T/N: after Yuchun said that). Despite still having to make a few more clothes change (T/N: for the photo-shoot), Yuchun continued on and even boast that he can finish this kind of…

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